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August 2015


    Five Ways to Avoid Burnout

    I love goal planning, dreaming, and then totally kicking my goal in the face! (Yeah, I get extreme!) I obsess, I tweak, I tweak again, and then obsess some more. Then there comes that inevitable crash and burn. I don’t want to sew or write. I don’t want to read another article about healthy eating, etc… I have never been one for doing things in a small way. To quote Gloria from Modern Family, “I live up here!” Living up…

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    How to Overcome Toxic Relationships

    As I get older, I am learning to have more compassion for people. I am learning that sometimes people suck and sometimes people are awesome. While other times, they can be…

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    Weekend Wardrobe Challenge No.5

    Weekend Color Challenge No.5 by maisongaton on Polyvore Welcome to this week’s challenge. I love big bold primary colors. Here is how I would rock this week’s wardrobe challenge: A blue…

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    Liebster Award and Interview

    Big shout out and thank you to Sandy Dobbs of the blog “On Faith and Dreams.” She passed on the bloggy love and nominated us for a Liebster Award! What is…

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    August 2015 Goals

    I like to categorize my to-do list: Health, Finance, Business, Career and Relationships. I have three main goals for the next six months of 2015. One: Get Under 200 pounds Two:…