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September 2015

    Dream Plan

    5 Questions to Refocus Your Goals

    I am the most productive procrastinator in the world. I can avoid my to-do list like I was being to avoid it. I keep myself busy doing other “stuff” so I don’t even have to look at the things on my list. For example, this weekend I had  pattern grading on my to do list. I hate pattern grading. The item is on my to do list because my goal is to launch my winter collection in November. To get…

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  • Dream

    3 Things Your Goal List Must Have

    A goal list is more than just a list of pipe dreams. If you take your list seriously, it is a road map to your future self. It is a statement…

  • Dream

    10 Tips to Help You Write a Goal List

    I have always made goal lists. When I was a little kid, I would make a list of items I wanted. I would research their prices and calculate how much I’d…

  • Do

    My Number One Tip for Making Big Impact

    Stop making excuses and start taking action today, as in right now! I am passionate about women being all they were purposed to be when they were created. It breaks my…

  • Do

    You Can Change Your Life in 5 Minutes

    You can change your life in 5 minutes. Sounds incredulous right? But, you can! We all get stuck in dreaming big and some of you may even make it to the…

  • Plan

    September 2015 Goals

    I like to categorize my to-do list: Health, Finance, Business, Career and Relationships. I have three main goals for the next four months of 2015. One: Get Under 200 pounds Two:…