3 Things Your Goal List Must Have

A goal list is more than just a list of pipe dreams. If you take your list seriously, it is a road map to your future self. It is a statement of who you are and who you hope to be. Your list should be a flexible living document that grows and breathes as you do. I believe the most effective goal lists have these three things:

1. Long Term Goals

Long term goals are important because most of your goals will take patience. Long term goals require us to acquire new skills and gain new knowledge; much of which cannot be achieved overnight. Long terms goals are all about the journey.

Have you ever made a 101 items in 1001 days list? They are a ton of fun and help you set long terms goals. There is an entire community out there who have made these lists. My list can be found here.

2. Short Term Goals

Short terms goals are what long term goals are made of; they are building blocks. Before I become a millionaire, I will need to make the first $1,000.00. I will need to sell the first 100 widgets. If I want to lose a hundred pounds, it all begins with the first pound. The most effective goal lists will consist of short terms goals that can be completed in less than a year. Short term goals also help gauge how realistic your long terms goals are and whether and when the long term goals need tweaking.

3. Momentum Building Goals

Momentum building goals are quickie goals that can be completed within an hour, day, or a week. These help motivate and spur you on to keep crushing your goals. For example, people who are paying off debt with a snowball plan often pick the smallest balance first. Even if the balance is only $25 and you’re repaying a friend for a lunch date, immediately paying the debt creates momentum for the rest of the debt snowball plan. A small victory can give you the courage to press on for the next week, 30 days, or 6 months. Include momentum building goals in your goal list to give you the courage to keep going.

If you need help writing your goal list, check out our 10 Tips Help You Write Your Goal List here. What are three must haves on your goal list? Have you created a 101 in 1001 days list? Place a link below!

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